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Eurasian Academy Of Sciences Social Sciences Journal Year:  2016  Volume:   VOL1S1  Area:   

An Innovative Organizational Approach to Facilitate Research Studies in Universities
Teaching and research are two main functions of universities. While teaching is supposed to be a regular activity in universities, research becomes a rising value which is taken into account as a factor defining the quality of the institutions. Research capabilities add value to the reputation of a university as well as provide an important source to enhance availabilities. Research needs sufficient manpower, sources, dedicated time and a well-established organization to provide optimum use of available resources. This optimum use of resources requires effectively organized systematic procedures to follow. Therefore, effectiveness of research procedures applied in universities is needed to be measured from time to time. This study aims to develop a method on measurement of research effectiveness by use of Brainstorming and Delphi methods applied in a group study. Brainstorming which is supported by a literature review to inform the participants of the brain storming group about new approaches in this field is to define an innovative organizational approach to facilitate research studies in universities. Then, the Delphi method is applied to ensure the findings of Brainstorming. The results of this study will help to realize the problem areas met in research studies in universities and develop proposals to be used to establish an effective organization to facilitate research studies by providing a suitable platform to strengthen the quality of researches.

Keywords: Research, Technology Development, Innovation, University Organization, Innovation in University, Techno Parks

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