Eurasian Academy Of Sciences Social Sciences JournalYl:2016 Say: 11 Alan: letme

Elxan Salayev
Azərbaycanda sənaye məssisələrinin səmərəli korporativ idarəetməsinin formaladrlmas

Anahtar Kelimeler:

Forming of effective corporate management in Azerbaijan industrial enterprises
The goal of the study is the use of the corporate governance standards of production to achieve the objectives of the study of the interaction between the individual elements. In the article theoretical knowledge on the structure of corporate governance has been used for various purposes. The study of corporate governance in the organization of scientific innovation in the industrial enterprises in the production process to improve the economic methodology to adapt to international standards. The study of the formation of the industrial enterprises in the field of corporate governance effectively examined each element separately. Practical significance of the study is that the results of relevant research activities in the areas that benefit from the opportunities.

Keywords: Corporate management, board of directors, corporate culture, investment, joint-stock company.