Eurasian Academy Of Sciences Social Sciences JournalYl:2016 Say: 8 Alan: Spor Bilimleri

Adem Pala, smail Metin
Examining The Relationship Between Recreation Marketing And Tourism

Anahtar Kelimeler:

Examining The Relationship Between Recreation Marketing And Tourism
Due to the growth of the tourism in Turkey, recreation has gained strength and attention from marketing researchers. This article aims to verify if recreation effects consumer behavior and the possibility hotels may have of managing recreation activities actively to gain the customer. A survey conducted regarding the subject and the results showed that hotel workers skills and attitudes, physical facilities of hotels and recreational activities in the hotels impact consumers behaviors positively. In the questionnaire study made on tourists who accommodated at the 5-star hotels in Mula city, it was determined that hotels placed importance on recreational activities and tourists participated in such activities and thanks to this, they spent good time. In this context, tourism enterprises must place more importance on recreational activities in tourism marketing, trained specialists must be employed on this area, and thanks to this, by attracting more tourists to the country, both tourism incomes must be increased and tourists must return their homes happy. In consideration of this study, we may say that recreation marketing has an important place in tourism. It is observed that recreation has positive effects on development of tourism, economy of country and social life.

Keywords: Marketing, Recreation, Tourism, Recreational Activities.