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Oyun, ocuun kendini elenerek ifade edebildii en doal yol ve ocuun ayrlmaz bir parasdr. Oyun Terapisi Derneine gre oyun terapi; dananlarn(ocuklarn) oyunun iyiletirici gcnden faydalanlarak psikolojik sorunlarn zm ve ideal geliim srecine yardmc olmas amac ile kullanlan bir sretir. Oyun terapinin yaklak yz yllk bir tarihi gemii vardr. lkemizde ise zellikle 2010 ylndan sonra gelime ve yaygnlamaya balamtr. Bu makalenin amac, oyun terapisini tantmak ve oyun terapi tekniklerine rnekler vermektir. Bu makalede; oyun terapisinden, oyun odas ve malzemelerinden, oyun odasndaki oyuncaklar ve oyuncaklarn iyiletirici ynnden, oyunun iyiletirici gcnden, oyun terapisi kuramlar ve balca oyun terapisi tekniklerinden bahsedilmitir. Makale hazrlanrken literatr tarama yntemi kullanlmtr. Sonu olarak 11 adet oyun terapisi tekniine makalede yer verilmitir.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Terapi, ocuk, oyun terapi, terapi teknii, geliim, psikoloji

The game is the most natural way for the child to express himself/herself and is an integral part of the child. According to the Game Therapy Association, game therapy; It is a process that is used with the aim of helping the clients (children) to solve the psychological problems and help the ideal development process by making use of the healing powers of the game. The game therapy has a history of about one hundred years. In our country, especially after 2010, it has started to develop and become widespread. The aim of this article is to introduce the game therapy and give examples of game therapy techniques. In this article; game therapy, game room and materials, toys in the playroom and from the healing aspect of toys, from the healing power of the game, from the game therapy theories and major game therapy techniques are mentioned. Literature search method was used while preparing the article. As a result, 11 game therapy techniques were included in the article.

Keywords: Therapy, child, play therapy, therapy technique, development, psychology